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WM Morrison Supermarkets PLC, Case Date: 1996, Chapter 13 Company Background. The company started as a wholesale entity and entered the retail world; this was in the period of early 1900s. The major impetus to the growth came between 1980 to 1990. The company’s website states that they now run 455 outlets and are the fourth largest food retail store in UK. They have a weekly footfall of nine million customers. (Company Website). The market share of Morrison was recorded at 11.1% in February 2006 in the UK grocery market. ( Datamonitor, 19 Jun 2007 ). It enjoys a strong position in the market and is viewed to grow more rapidly in the future. The case study brings out the unique propositions, which have worked in the favor of Morrison’s relative to its competition. Company Strategy: A visit to the company’s website brings out the “no frills” approach of the organization, its strategy is simple, the website quotes, “Keeping things simple: Our vision to be the ‘Food Specialist for Everyone’ is now well advanced. Our constant focus on freshness, great value and outstanding service is appealing to more and more people.” This focus on fresh offerings to the consumers at the most competitive price, along with exceptional customer service has differentiated Morrison’s from its competitors. Business model of Morrisons’s: The Company has grown steadily over the years and apart from the recent Safeway takeover, it had only acquired Whelan discount stores. Most of the company’s growth can be attributed to being organic. (Williamson, et al, 2004). It consolidated its own position and built strong foundations before expanding, unlike its competitor Asda, who almost went bankrupt due to expanding by acquisition (Williamson, et al, 2004). Most of its competitors have expanded based on acquisition. Morrison’s is different from its competitor’s as it manages most of its own

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