Kellogg's Vs Frosted Shredded Wheat

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Kellogg’s frosted mini wheats Vs. Stater Bros. bite size frosted shredded wheat When Kellogg’s Frosted Mini Wheats Bite Size is compared to Stater Bros. Bite Size Frosted Shredded Wheat, Kellogg’s is the best option to purchase. When looking for a quality cereal one should choose a product that delivers a quality food, cost effectiveness, great taste and appearance. At Stater Brothers both of the cereal boxes were located on the third shelf from the top and were right next to each other in the middle of the cereal aisle. Kellogg’s frosted mini wheat’s were priced at three dollars and ninety-nine cents for a box of eighteen ounces. Kellogg’s cereal comes in a rectangular light orange box. Across the top of the box the words “Excellent source of fiber & made from 100% whole grain” are written in white across a green banner. On the left bottom corner there is a white large bowl of mini wheat’s, across a yellow banner says “Original lightly sweetened whole grain cereal.” The box is made of one hundred percent recycled paperboard. On the other hand the Stater Brothers version of this cereal called bite size frosted shredded mini wheat were priced at two dollars and ninety-nine cents for a box of eighteen ounces. Stater Brother’s version comes in a rectangular dark orange box. Across the middle of the box the words in yellow coloring the words “ Bite size frosted shredded wheat.” On the left bottom corner a blue banner with white wording reads “Sweetened whole grain cereal an excellent source of fiber.” There is also a white bowl of cereal with three raspberries. In addition the box is one hundred percent recycled paperboard as well. Both cereals are rectangular bite size whole grain cereal, having a crunchy and sweet taste when eaten alone or on a bowl with milk. On average a Kellogg’s brand cereal measures 1 in. long, 7/8 in. wide, and 3/8 in.

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