Just a Sample of My Abstract for Zombies Research!

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WALKING CREEPS This research contains ideas and current events pertaining to the fictional creature of the so-called flesh eating humans. The origin of the term “Zombies” are found here wherein you will be able to get a glimpse of how these unreal or even “real” creatures came to be. Just the thought of dead people coming to life as brain dead living creatures eating the flesh or brains of other human beings gives the creeps to a person yet along with alarm and curiosity or even thrilling excitement. The significance of this research is to bring that “Fear” to those who constantly enjoy the Zombie phenomena. Whether found in books, movies, games, or even special events; the walking dead are so popular nowadays that almost all media are associated with this trend. Though we are still uncertain whether we will be encountering this horrific part of the future, we can be aware of some things we need to know just in case the time of the Zombie Apocalypse may come! In this light, it is important to learn these things rather than be ignorant of it, whether it sounds logical or not. A wide range of studies pertaining to this matter of Zombie invasion have been included in today’s contributing researches. When it comes to the outbreak of zombie attacks, science won’t always have the answer. This research will cover the creation of these monsters; the life span they have, the food they eat, the way they act, the environment they can live in, the do’s and don’ts to follow when they are around, and finally the correct way to kill them. Those zombies won’t be able to know what hit
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