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Halloween Speech (Town Speech...) Greetings to one and all, my name as you all know is Scarah Skeletons. I'm here today to congratulate everyone in our town a spectacular scare in this years Halloween, everyone has outdone themselves this time, bravo to you all. I'd like to especially make a big felicitations to the top 5 scarers of this year, Jack The Pumpkin King, Steve The Infamous Mummy Monster, Quinn The Magnificent Trickster, Clawd The Horrendous Werewolf, and Deuce The Son Of The Legendary Count Dracula. I also hope everyone enjoyed this hallows eve just as much as I did. I thought I'd take a step back to marvel at our horrifying work, such tremendous times we've had together and still more to come. I remember quite clearly when the witches stood by their cauldrons,putting together their magical spells that turned a prince into a frog, or when the demons and ghouls roamed around trying to find some mischief to cause, oh what a grand sight it was. The marvelous times when the children run around all night, trying to get some yummy treats and all they needed was a single greet. Halloween, our most memorable time together each year, it's the perfect night for everyone, because its always fun and of course very scary! We mustn't forget about all the mischievous ideas that each and everyone of us has come up with. Like Billy Bones and his bone chilling stories, perfect for a graveyard night. Or even Jack and his brilliant pumpkin carvings, a classical yet outstanding way to decorate your swamp. The zombies seem to be having the most fun with their ideas, crawling out of grounds, eating brains, and most of all scaring the wits out of people. I hear people have even made films about zombies and their astonishing ideas. Great scaring, my zombie companions! Make sure not to eat too many brains for breakfast, we still need to some for the next hallows eve.

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