Journal of Siddhartha

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Journal of Siddhartha The Brahmin’s Son: The Brahmin’s Son is the introduction to the book. It introduces the characters, Siddhartha, Govinda, and Siddhartha’s father. Siddhartha is the main character of the book and I think that he has a long way ahead of him. I believe that Siddhartha is trying to find the meaning of life. I wouldn’t ever try to do such a thing like him. Siddhartha and I don’t relate to each other that much. I would never want to leave my home to travel with a group of people that act as if they are poor. I think that would be very dangerous and risky because it could greatly damage the health of someone. With the Samanas: With the Samanas is the part in the book that talks about Siddhartha and his friend, Govinda, travelling with the Samanas and becoming like them. It later on talks about them leaving the Samanas to travel with Gotama the Buddha. I feel that Siddhartha is fearless because they basically travel with no clothes on in the streets. Never would I travel like that because it’s very weird and embarrassing. I don’t think that I would be able to understand the practices of the Samanas because I’m used to the way I live now. I would never be able to stay away from my family for three years. Gotama: Gotama is the part in the book where it talks about Siddhartha and Govinda at Gotama’s camp. Govinda completely pursues Gotama while Siddhartha has some doubts. Siddhartha questions Gotama about his teachings, but then leaves the camp. I believe that Siddhartha made the wrong decision to travel on his own. If I was in Siddhartha’s place, I would have stayed with Gotama and Govinda because it would’ve been much safer with someone than by himself. Siddhartha is very brave. Awakening: Siddhartha learns that the enlightenment will come from inside him. He learns that he has to go off of his teachings and no one

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