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ANTHEM What if you lived in a world where everything is everything? We’re speaking out is a wrong thing, if your brothers don't already know it or the house of scholars. In the world we live in we speak out if we want to and its okay not to be likes others. In the book "Anthem” by Ayn Rand from the time they were born to the time they die everything is planned what you will be , who will you be with ,and what time you would eat. When Ayn Rand wrote the book “Anthem” he brought his self-back in time were they used the word "we" instead of "I”, were everyone are your brothers and everything is already planned out. The people were prisoners to their own key and are main character Equality 7-2521 soon finds out. At the beginning of the book you notice something very dramatic. The people use "we" instead of "I”. When I so it I had thought the “we” was me and the reader , but I soon find out that's how they were tough since they were born into brotherhood. All of their lives they always said "we" because…show more content…
He found a tunnel to hide the things he couldn’t compress. When he didn't fell like being with the rest of his brother or doing what the council said he would sneak to his cave and explore and discover new things. When he saw new thing he would try to see how they would work. It got so bad they he even tried to convince house of scholars he discovered something they didn't know about, that had made him get exiled. All in all the book showed me that you don’t have to be like everyone and normal is or rated. Equality 7-2521 didn’t learn this until he got exiled from every one. I think when Ayn wrote “Anthem” that what he want people to know, to embrace your differences. If people understood the message of the book the world would start changing and no one would envy someone just thumbs up for their style and

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