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Running Head: Journal Article Review #1 A Journal Article Review of Use of Prayer and Scripture in Cognitive – Behavioral Therapy Melissa Betts Liberty University Running Head: Journal Article Review #1 Summary In this article the writer closely examined the use of prayer and scripture during Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. This article was less of a research approach but discussed the proper way to use the two during a therapy session. It was also stated that adding scripture and prayer to Christian CBT has proven to be helpful if used correctly. In order to implement scripture or prayer into a clients’ session, the therapist must gain the permission of the proper authorities (client, parent, institution, etc). Once permission…show more content…
It was well written and executed its plan of being informative. It can also be used as a guide to therapist looking to accomplish this goal. It is evident throughout the article that I would have to read other articles, papers, and/or books to go deeper into what research has been done on this topic and the actual results. It is also evident that this was not the point of this article. While reading this article it became clear to me that I definitely want to continue with my dream of being a Psychologist and will like to learn more about these techniques in order to use them in my practice. As a Christian, it is important on both ends (client and therapist) to have the option to use prayer and scripture as tools for healing. Due to the want to incorporate the two, I will need to delve deeper into my study of God’s word and look into many of the sources cited in the article. While I was looking at the different titles of Journal articles we could choose from, this one caught my eye immediately. I have always been interested in what it meant to be a Christian Therapist and what it would mean to be a Christian and a Therapist at the same time. Can I do both and how? This article answered many of my questions and I look forward to putting this into use and becoming stronger in both
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