The Role of a Counselor in Rural America

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The Role of a Counselor in Rural America Dee Schmidt BSHS/355 July 8, 2013 Pamela Harris The Role of a Counselor in Rural America While searching for a generalist human service professional to interview the thought of a small town counselor came to mind. A rural community counselor has many hats to wear in a community and must keep each role separate from one another. Dr. Mike Cross DDC fit this profile, living in a community of 12,000 people and being one of two counselors in the area he has many roles to fill. Agency Dr. Cross runs a family and children counseling clinic but also deals with addictions, co-dependency, suicidal ideation, anger management, sexual abuse, and child abuse issues. He works with the legal system to run various individual and group outpatient therapies. Dr. Cross is also a Christian minister at a local church and uses Christian techniques to work with clients. The legal system gives the clients the choice to attend counseling from a general counselor or a Christian based counselor. He works with parolees and other court appointed clients as referrals. Focus The main focus for Dr. Cross is to educate the clients through Christian learning and faith. He uses projects that the client needs complete by each visit. Most projects involve using the bible. When the client completes the project and understands the meaning of the lesson it begins a learning process that the client can continue to use on his or her own after treatment. The focus is on the individual and teaching the client how to cope with his or her problem through the bible. Daily Routine Dr. Cross starts each day the same way with prayer, he prays for the safety of the clients in hopes that each client will hear the lesson that will encourage the client to succeed. At 7:00 a.m. Dr. Cross reviews the client’s records and where each person’s progression is
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