Christian Coaching Essay

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Book Review: Christian Coaching Helping Others Turn Potential into Reality Liberty University Abstract Dr. Collins book, Christian Coaching: Helping Others Turn Potential into Reality is written as a foundational tool for anyone [Christian or Non-Christian] who is or desires to be a Life Coach. It is also relevant to those who are curious to learn about and understand what “life coaching’ is. It further guides the reader through the process and design of an implementation plan; discusses the broad scope of trends and specializations or niches within the field of coaching. Collins also gives the reader a seven part model for the practice of coaching which covers such areas as foundation, skills, assessment, vision, strategy, specialties, and practice. This book is designed to serve as a reference book within the broadest spectrum of the coaching industry. Overview/Summary of key points In his book, Christian Coaching: Helping Others Turn Potential into Reality, Dr. Collins gives the reader a fairly detailed seven part model for Christian Coaching. We will look at each part individually so that we can gain a better understanding as to how they all work together to give the coach and the client the best foundations for success. The first four chapters are dedicated to the foundations of Christian Coaching. We get a very straightforward definition of what coaching is all about, and how to define a good coach. Dr. Collins also explains that Coaches are tasked with coaching change in the lives of their clients. They help their clients to identify where they want to be and Gods purpose for them and then help to devise a strategy on how to get there. He then caps this first key point by writing about leadership, a must have for anyone who wants to be an effective coach. He further states that coaching and leadership are about experience, relationships,
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