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Church Model Analysis 1 Williestine Harriel Liberty University Dr. Andy Wood July 14, 2013 In Tom Rainer & Eric Geiger’s book, Simple Church, chapter 5-8 discuss the process of becoming a simple church and suggests that the four steps process of becoming a Simple Church can help the leaders to be successful in building a simple church. Also, the success depends on the completion of one step that leads to another step. To follow these four steps systematically would result in the creation of the kingdom of God according to Rainer and Geiger. In the first steps, clarity, according to the authors’ data, it means coming up with plans that works. In addition, Rainer and Geiger discuss clarity as ways to decide the themes and philosophy in which church to be built. Moreover, in chapter 5 the authors discuss the blueprint that allows the leaders of the church that clearly defines the ministry process. This chapter further iterates steps through which the clarity can be obtained while devising the model of church. Rainer and Geiger explain clarity as the ability to communicate and to be understood by the people as well that understanding always precedes commitment. In addition, in the ministries process, the members of the church should be embracing and participating in the ministries process, and able to internalize the process. Furthermore, called to build lives (Ephesians 4:11-12), and building the body of Christ can be an ongoing process (1 Peter 2:5; Ephesians 2:22). Rainer and Geiger say “ministry needs a clear ministry blueprint." Further, the authors view the process as the essential for the purpose of organizations because, the process that makes it work. The book continues to explain that a simple church can be a congregation’s designs around straight, and forward as well strategies process that move the people through the stage to grow

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