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Summary Essay In the article “Against School” by John Gatto, he, in a way differentiates schooling and education. He has a strong opinion about schooling itself. He was a teacher for thirty years so he knows the ins and outs of the schooling and education system. Gatto feels that getting students involved in the classroom helps with, not schooling, but an education. Gatto begins his article by explaining that “boredom” is the most common factor in students not wanting to participate in school. Most students brought to mind that a lot has to do with the teacher. If a teacher isn’t passionate about what they are teaching or giving students real life examples to get them interested in what the students should be learning then the students aren’t going to receive the education they need. In the article, Gatto, refers to who to put the blame on “boredom.” In reality Gatto decides that the fault is on both students and teachers. Gatto then moves on to the question of whether schooling for 12 years is even necessary. He talks about the origins of our educational system and his opinion of the real purpose of education. He states that commonly accepted reasons for schooling is, to make good people, to make good citizens, and to make each person their own personal best. Gatto explains that the United State educational system comes from a military state called Prussia. When Gatto talked about “teaching in some of the worst schools,” he includes teachers not knowing most of the time what their subject really meant. Gatto referred back to a memory with his grandfather. Every time Gatto claimed he was bored his grandfather told him that it was Gatto’s own fault for feeling that way. Gatto explained that his grandfather taught him that it’s your own responsibility to entertain yourself while the teacher provides you with an education. If others didn’t agree

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