School Is Bad

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School is bad for Children This essay is written by the a teacher and education theorist-----John Holt. Holt believed that the traditional school reduces children's curiosity about life. And He thinks that the student should be allowed to choose to learn what they are interested in. Also, he has call for the help to make children free from the classroom which he treated as a "dull and ugly place, where nobody ever says anything very truthful." Additionally, John Holt is also a supporter of the Home Schooling movement. In the first paragraph, the author thinks that the children is smarter, curious, confident and independent before they go to school. He make an example, if there are no teachers to help them to study language, the children will find how it works and set up their own model of grammar of language by trying it out and seeing whether it works. Through this way, they can learn other things good too, include the "concepts" that the school think only they can teach the kids. In the second paragraph, first, the living and learning should be distinguished, there are no connections between the two. Second, if the children go to school to learn, it will let him rely on someone help them to solve the problem, not to solve the problem by themselves. These are the thoughts of the author. In the third part of the passage, the opinion of the author is that the action of the children are limited, so it causes that the children is afraid to ask teacher question, so they are ashamed of it. And the school just want the right answer, and after learn many other things, they will be wrong , uncertain, confused. Because of the pressure of the school. They learn to be lazy, and try to cheat the teacher. Also, he shows the disadvantage of the school, the children is not allowed to talk to each other, even though, they are curious about everyone, they cannot
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