Job Search Cycle

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1. Why is the job search process a cycle rather than a series of steps? It’s rather stated as a cycle rather than a series of steps because it will allow you to continuously progress the actions you take while carrying out the job search cycle as you need to correct to going after different opportunities. It’s always good to do this job process cycle because long as you searching you will always be prepared. 2. Why is it important to set up a system to organize, manage and track your job search? What tools will you use? How will you get started? It’s important to set up a system to organize, manage and track your job search because you want to be on point and super-competitive when it comes time that you get a job so that you would be able to make a strong positive impression during your interview for the job. It’s always better to be overly prepared than under prepared and being prepared for every job you applied for is great because when some time during a specific job the supervisor will already know how bad you want the job. Some tools I would uses to help me out during managing my job search are resume, creating or updating my Profile on certain sites, building and using a personal career network, and keep planning on how I will organize and manage my job search. I would start by using the job search cycle then I would go from there to start managing my job search. I will keep up me a Career Management File Tracker and a Career Portfolio. 3. How will your Career Management Files Tracker help you organize your job search? Why should you keep your tracker up to date throughout your career? My Career Management File Tracker will help me organize my job search by keeping me posted where I stand and keep me on point for when I need to update things and also keep track on the different job careers I may want to further my career in. Keeping this tracker up to date

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