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XBIS 219 Business Information Systems /Complete Class Purchase here Product Description XBIS 219 Week 1 CheckPoint: The Information Systems Department • Review Ch. 2 in the text. • Select two organizational departments in a business. • Write a paragraph of at least 200 words in which you identify the roles of information systems within those departments. • Post your CheckPoint in the Assignment section of eCampus. • Note that any citations should follow APA guidelines. DQ1• Choose one of the organizational departments of a business, such as accounting, finance, and human resources. What…show more content…
8, Meltdown at JetBlue, in the text. Check the Debate thread in the Main forum. You will be assigned to one of two debate teams: one to argue JetBlue’s problems were caused by management issues, the other to argue technological issues were the cause. Each team will have a thread to use to discuss their position and will post their team position statement between 200 to 300 words to the Debate thread. Team members will need to read the argument of the other side and formulate a team rebuttal from 150 to 200 words. The rebuttal must be posted as a reply to the other team’s debate argument. Write a 200-word paragraph summarizing your thoughts on the issues that contributed to the service shutdown. What would you have done differently? This portion should be submitted in the Assignment section of eCampus. DQ 1.What are the main responsibilities of managers? What are the advantages for managers to use IT support in business decision-making? DQ 2.What are digital dashboards and management cockpits? What are the capabilities of these information tools? XBIS 219 Week 6 CheckPoint: Systems Development Life Cycle…show more content…
You are thinking about trying to sell some items on eBay® but do not know anything about online auctions. Access the eBay® Web site at to learn about their online auction system. Click on the Help tab in the upper right and choose Learning Center from the pull down menu. The site offers several tutorials to help prospective sellers and buyers learn about and use the auction system. The recommended tutorials are listed on the left. Most of the tutorials contain links to additional information. Write a 200-word paragraph addressing the following: Briefly describe how eBay® works. What advantages and disadvantages do you think eBay® offers to small-scale sellers and large-scale sellers? Based on what you have learned, if you wanted to start an electronic retail (e-tail) business, would you use eBay®? Explain your reasoning. Post your CheckPoint in the Assignment section of eCampus. DQ1.Define e-business and e-commerce. How are they similar? How do they differ? Can the two terms be used

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