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Maurice Cotton Final Paper SE 430 November 8, 2007 Dr. Winston W. Royce has had various assignments in the development of software packages. He has experienced different degrees of success. He has his own opinion and prejudices regarding the management of the development of large software systems. The concept or steps which he believes necessary for development of a large computer program for delivery to a customer include the following System Requirements, Software Requirements, Analysis, Program Design, Coding, Testing, and Operations. Dr. Royce also thinks this implementation is risky and invites failure. It is his opinion or belief that five additional features must be added to this basic approach to reduce or eliminate some or most of the risks. These additional features include first designing the program, documenting the design, doe it twice, plan, control and monitor testing, and involve the customer. I will compare and contrast Dr. Royce processes and methodology with the Rational Unified Process. RUP is an adaptable process framework. It consists of four phases, Inception, Elaboration, Construction, and Transition. There are also nine core process workflows in the Rational Unified Process. Dr. Royce methodology and the RUP methodology are both iterative processes. The RUP process or workflow starts off with Business modeling. Dr. Royce starts off with System Requirements. The goal of Business modeling is to establish understanding and communication channels between business engineering and software engineering. This modeling will show how to create and maintain traceability between business and software models. I believe this is important because of the following statement “In Business Modeling we document business processes using so called business use cases. This assures a

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