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JESSIE ROBINSON Jessie Robinson was born on November 6, 1953 to parents Kathy (Gallic) and Doug Robinson to a family that eventually totalled 10 girls and one boy, who are all of diitiid?aatx and c'isaa?ath heritage. As a tiny baby, fear and shame were her major teachers. Her parents learned well the teaching tools of the Residential School system and brought them to their new home, not knowing how it would devastate the emotional well-being of their children. That was all her parents knew, along with coping skills that helped them survive the daily horrors of the schools. The coping mechanisms of detachment, numbness, denial and self-hatred (to name a few) were enmeshed onto their children until they became one big wound with no boundaries. Jessie couldn't speak till she was four years old. The only word she could let out was "botch." Ridicule and judgment surfaced for years around this. "The doctor said she was just too lazy to talk, and now we can't shut her up" was a favourite. She often wonders about the trauma that silenced her as a child. Violence riddled the simple daily activities. Love and trust never surfaced and the safest place for Jessie was within the dark walls of the cubby holes in the bedroom she shared with her four sisters. The violence against the children soon turned to violence against each other and today they still struggle with loving and supporting each other. There were many times laughter filled the house, singing songs, baking, visiting relatives and holidays, especially Christmas and Easter. Oh, that was a special time where her mother would decorate and make everything so special. Those were the times when her mom wasn't hiding behind the Residential School doors, she was who she was meant to be all along, a beautiful loving mother. Singing on the porch with their dad strumming was a special time for all of them. It was

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