Jason Bourne Vs. Robert Ross

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A well-trained soldier and an audacious hit man would fully understand the main characters of the book “The Wars” by Timothy Findley and the movie Bourne Identity. They would see beyond the defiant attitudes and changes that both the characters had undergone. Robert Ross and Jason Bourne both went to a stage in their life wherein they acted beyond what they used to. Ross, a caring and loving person, turned into a killing machine. Bourne, on the other hand, used to be an emotionless and fearless killer but in the end he turned out to be good man. While struggling with their life and professions, Ross and Bourne both arrived at a time wherein they started a rebellious stage against their superiors that brought them obstacles that freed them in the end. As trained soldier and perfect hit man, both Ross and Bourne always do what they are told until they became their own side. At the warfront, Robert Ross was controlled by his commander and all he could do was follow every instruction that was told. It is evident when he and his men were instructed by Captain Leather to go to the crater. Robert tried to explain to his captain the dangers of going to the crater but Captain Leather didn’t bother to hear his opinion and said “Just so...” (Findley 129) Being a lower ranked soldier, Robert followed the orders and did what was told whether he considered it iniquitous. Robert’s obedience was first seen when he was put in charge to kill the wounded horse, he hesitated at first then eventually dealt with the difficulty of killing it. The tasks given to Robert caused his violent side to emerge. In the beginning, it was apparent that Robert couldn’t harm anyone, even a rabbit and “Robert had never aimed a gun at anything.”(Findley 24) As the story proceeded, Robert was then aware of the war and learned how to kill. This violence that emerged was evident when he had shot the German
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