Jack's Importance Lord of the Flies

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We come across Jack as a powerful person as he likes ordering people around. In the beginning of the novel he has control of the choir boys and he still does. For example he say ‘I ought to be chief …. I'm chapter chorister and head boy’ which asserts the amount of control he has over them and he uses his control through fear so that he has more power.During the novel, he has ordered people around which has caused him to be more powerful. He has gained power through various ways such as respecting the littleuns story about the ‘beast’. He has to demand the respect so he says ‘ the beast comes out of the sea’ . He uses the idea fear to control the littleunsHowever the chief, Ralph just mocked him which made the littleuns respect Jack. . We can see that he has gained power through this as he uses the ability to get others to do what you want them to do. Jack is a dictator type of leadership, he values his respect from everyone.The dictator in Jack becomes leading in his personality, during when the boys have seen the beast in sight. The boys panic when they tell everyone, but Jack uses his rhetoric words to blame it on Raplh. He argues back that ‘ he’d never got us meat’ which emphasises that his hunting skills could make for an effective leader.If jack was becoming a dictator leader, it would mean that the people would follow his orders without a question meaning that there are less arguments. His importance has lead to him ordering his hunters to forget about the beast so that they wouldn’t have any nightmares. This is illustrated when he says ‘Jack paused cradling the conch’ This suggests that he wants to have things his own way and is mostly concerned about himself Jack is presented as a violent and impulsive character. He tries to assert power and authority over the boys with threat and violence and he is selfish, only thinking about what he wants at
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