American Gangster, Frank Lucas's story

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Margaret Cantrell ENGL 1020 - 051 October 1st, 2008 American Gangster - Frank Lucas’s Story The movie American Gangster is not like any of the gangster movies that have preceded it. American Gangster is set in Harlem during the peak of police corruption intertwined with the rise of the heroin epidemic, which made many men rich beyond their dreams while shattering the community in which the drug was consumed. Based on the true story of Frank Lucas, American Gangster depicts his determination to succeed to a level that had never been attained by an African American. Oscar winner Denzel Washington delivers a riveting performance and again demonstrates what a versatile actor he is. The producers, including Pileggi and Lustig, do a great job in recognizing a script with such complex characters. The producers also appoint the right director and casting director to make the script come to life and ultimately an award winning movie. Not to be outdone, Russell Crowe proves to be the perfect candidate to play the dynamic Richie Richards, the infamous cop that dared to resist the temptations of corruption and single- handedly cause the downfall of all the key players on both sides of the law. While he is no saint either, he manages to overcome his setbacks and accept the inevitable consequences. Richards, who eventually quit his job as a prosecutor, became a defense attorney and Frank Lucas was his first client. This occurrence shows that although Richards and Lucas came from opposite sides of the law, they gained a mutual respect for one another. Both Richards and Lucas share a rigorous work ethic that sets them apart from the other characters in the movie. Both men by the end of the movie seek justice against the police department that betrayed them both. They betrayed Lucas by blackmailing him into paying an outrageous amount of money each month for them to keep
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