Jason and the Golden Fleece

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Allusion Notes Title of Story: Jason/Argonauts/Golden Fleece | Origin of the story: Greek Mythology | Summary (in your own words): Hera was angry at a man whom had taken over the Kingdom that belonged to king Iolcus, and Jason was his son. Hera used Jason to exact revenge on Pelias (the man who usurped the crown). Jason went to regain his crown and Pelias instead sent him on a quest to bring him the golden fleece. He gathered the Argonauts, named after their ship, the Argo, and included in them were Hercules and Atalanta. They came to an island of women and then Salmydessus, which was fraught with harpies. The Argos got rid of the harpies and the King Phineus told them of the smashing cliffs and how to get through them. They soon arrived at Colchis, and King Aeetes put Jason through many tests which his own daughter got him through, only because Hera had asked Aphrodite to help and put a spell over the daughter to be head over heels for Jason. After Jason got the fleece he took the daughter to go home, but abandoned her for a different princess once they arrived in Greece. | Analysis – How is this story important in showing cultural values and lessons? Point out and discuss the universal truths and conflicts it presents. It shows that you ought to always respect people and authoritative figures, because that’s what got Pelias in trouble in the first place, disrespecting Hera. Also, never give everything to a significant other until you get to know the real them, because the King Aeetes’ daughter got screwed over. | Works Citedhttp://www.mythweb.com/

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