Jack Ma Early Life Essay

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1964-1982 Jack Ma, up to the age of 18, had strong personality. Form his primary to high school, he was very value to his friends, but he still had some violent behavior. Jack Ma's naughty and fighting behavior did affect his learning progress. He did not very well of his study and was punished by the order that he must transfer to another school. However, Jack like English and was leaning all by himself since he was only 12-year-old. In 1979, there were many foreigners came to Hang Zhou, and this gave him an opportunity to talk and learn from them. Thus, Jack Ma trained pure and fluent English, and he also made many friends from other countries. These two things brought great benefit to his future development. In 1982 Jack Ma was 18-year-old and graduated from his high school. He was failing the university entrance exam as he only got one point of his Math. In 1983 During this year, Jack Ma went to take part into many works, such as secretary, remover, and so on. Later when he saw a novel named "life" written by Lu Yao, Jack began to think about his life and decided to attend the university entrance exam again. Unfortunately, his Math score was too lower (only 19) to make him face another failure. In 1984 Jack Ma did many changes in year he was 20-year-old. He worked hard at daytime and also had many classes at the night school. Then he took his third time to attend the “big exam”. Finally he went to Hang Zhou teachers’ college to have his major of foreign language and trade. What a surprise was that he got 89 points of Math this
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