Paul Logan's Failure To Success

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William Sarmiento Sarmiento 1 Ms. Flynn English 98R 2002 September 26, 2012 Failure To Success Paul Logan said,” to thrive in college, you have to want to be there and you have to be ready to focus on work”. In the summary of Paul Logan “Failure to Success”, is about a young man who went from an A student, to a 0.0 student, to a 4.0 student, also went through being bullied, and embarrassed. In elementary and mid school he was an A student. When he went to high school things changed, he started under achieving, being in a huge school. Being a shy teenager with acne he was constantly bullied, teased and threatened. He got tired of this, so he started to dress, look, act and blend in with others.…show more content…
By the 10th grade He got a job in mall so he can be able to buy name brand sneakers, clothes, cd’s, and movie tickets. In the 11th all he wanted was a girlfriend and a used car. He applied for college only having mediocre grades, he got excepted to a college. By the age of nineteen, he flunked out of college, which his parents paid for. He thought he could float through college like he did in high school, which he found out the hard way that without studying, doing assignments and attending classes you will not

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