Ivan The Terrible: A Great Ruler Of Russia

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Ivan the Terrible was a great ruler of Russia during the 1500’s. He was born Ivan IV Vasilyevich around 1530 to Tzar Vasili the third and Elena Glinskoya. His father died three in 1533 due to blood poisoning. This made Ivan the Grand Prince at age three. His mother ruled for five years until her death due to a possible poisoning. Ivan and his deaf-mute brother, Yuri, were left orphans. The government was in shambles as Ivan was too young to rule. High ranking officials called boyars ravaged the kingdom and often abused Ivan. He took his angers and frustrations out by torturing many animals. Crowned Tzar of Russia at age seventeen, Ivan succeeded in many military conquests and political reforms. He had Saint Basil’s Cathedral built in honor

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