Climate Change Diary Entry (Kenya)

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Dear diary, Day by day I wake up thinking how much worse this can get. Every day I wake up wondering if I’m going to be hit next. Will I live my life normally without having to suffer? Well at the moment the obvious answer is no. Nearly everyone I know is suffering from this illness. Malaria, it’s a killer. Even though I’m not currently suffering from this disease, watching everyone I know slowly dying it is like I’m the one with the disease, having to suffer by seeing the people I love struggle to live and survive another day. Yesterday I found out my best friend died from this disease. Droughts, floods and disease are all made worse by global warming. My region's poverty limits the ability of my family to recover and adapt to these conditions. In 2006 the government declared a state of emergency after two and a half years of drought. Lack of rain has resulted in our food dying. My father can’t grow healthy crops to sell anymore. We have no money. It is estimated that nearly 2.5 million Kenyans are close to starvation, well starvation is not close, it’s already happening and me and my family are suffering from it. Who knows what could happen next. It is simply crazy, one day all the water is gone the next thing I see is my aunty dead, who got killed by a flood, alongside more than 1,000 people and 1.8 million people suffering. They are homeless hoping that things will change, hoping that they will survive these disasters. This is a horrible nightmare coming to

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