Animal Farm 1954 – Movie Analysis

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Animal Farm 1954 – Movie Analysis Animal Farm, produced by Halas and Batchelor in 1954 was adapted from George Orwell’s novel which entitled the same name. The animated film centered on animal’s reign over themselves after they had overthrown their drunken master, Mr. Jones. The revolution began shortly after Old Major’s speech before he collapsed in the middle of the “Beast of England” song. His words were so powerful that the animals dared to rebel against their master after they were left unfed for one day since Mr. Jones was badly drunk. They destroyed everything that was used by Mr. Jones to torture them and changed the farm’s name from Manor Farm to Animal Farm. Led by Snowball, together the animals fought fiercely for the “Battle of the Cowshed” which caused the lost of a dog leaving her nine puppies motherless. Napoleon took advantage of the situation by raising and training the nine puppies secretly. His hatred towards Snowball finally showed obviously when he commanded his nine young dogs to chase Snowball away during his speech on the implementation of the windmill. Then, he declared himself as the new leader of the Animal Farm after Snowball had gone. The animals suffered since then except for the pigs who got all the privileges they could get. Day by day, Napoleon became more humanlike. He started trading with human being (Mr. Whymper) and did a lot of changes to their seven commandments until it read “All animals are equal but some animals are more equals than the others.” The story ended with picture of Napoleon scattered on the floor after the animals stood up against him which led by Benjamin, the donkey. This animated film is actually representing the Russian Revolution. The most prominent characters that represent the revolution are Napoleon (Joseph Stalin) and Snowball (Leon Trotsky). The act of Napoleon driving out Snowball from the farm is
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