It Is Always a Good Thing Essay

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It Is Always a Good Thing Information technology is not a privilege anymore, but rather a necessity. It is a pivotal part of every household and profession. Therefore, it`s high time we revalued its existence properly. However, is it always a good thing? Information technology is a ground-breaking discovery that has immensely contributed to the betterment of society. First of all, it offers people a chance to gain insightful knowledge. A person with internet access has nearly every possible bit of information in hand. All they need to do is browse the necessary material. Moreover, in this high-tech epoch, people are able to enroll in various educational courses or even do their work at home instead of dragging themselves to the office each morning. Communication is greatly eased. People can get in touch with the whole world without the slightest difficulty. Not only are they able to talk with people far away, but they can also see each other while discussing. This type of technology affords people a chance to enlarge their circle of friends and cultivate their relationship. For instance, there are various social networks, such as Twitter, Facebook, etc. that offer such services. And last but not least, information technology provides wide range of entertainment, such as movies, music, games, dance lessons, etc. Nevertheless, no matter how advantageous it may seem, information technology also has various drawbacks. Not always are people properly using web services. Instead, they often lose track of time opening one page after another and forgetting about their primary aim. For example, Facebook and Twitter are the right place for current news, amusing articles, fun, friendship; however, a great number of the users are not aware of their spending an enormously great deal of time posting and liking trivial things. To some, these networks have a major negative

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