Ishmael Mother Culture Analysis

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“Ishmael: Mother Culture” The novel Ishmael is a complex story that grasps the attention of the reader in a very strange way. The novel starts off with the narrator and a telepathic gorilla talking about the world and how it could end. As the two communicate, the gorilla named Ishmael, tells the narrator about takers and leavers which are two main themes of the story. Some of the main themes in the novel deal with the idea of mother culture, power, and freedom. These ideas of this story all tie into one central idea that can be easy to understand or very complex. The story is setup to make the mind turn on and unplug from the normal ideas that we are given through society. The novel tries to open our minds to different views and different aspects of life. We look at authority…show more content…
Mother Culture is split up by two different groups, takers, or the civilized people of society, and leavers people of the uncivilized cultures. Mother Culture is the following of societal norms and beliefs. Much like the following of the American Dream. The whole idea that getting a good job, getting married, having kids, make money, then in the end you retire to Florida and live out the rest of your days in the sunshine. Also Mother Culture ties into the norms of living in big cities and life styles. The wanting of nice cars, to be able to go buy the cup of coffee at the corner, the small things that we do not really realize and take for granted. The easiest way to define, or look at Mother Culture, is to look at the beliefs that parents pass down to children. Children tend to have the same beliefs as their parents while growing up, such as politics and religion. Mother Culture has many examples and many ways to see what it is, the easiest way to understand it is to step back from society and see how people truly
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