Importance Of Minor Characters In The Great Gatsby

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Gatsby Essay While the major characters lead the story, minor characters support it and also add to the important elements of the novel. The main characters in Gatsby are Nick Caraway who does the narrating, Jay Gatsby who is the one of the major characters along with Daisy and Tom Buchanan. One of the main reasons for a character is to show progression of the plot. Throughout the novel, Nick introduces many minor characters such as Myrtle Wilson, George Wilson, and Jordan Baker. But these characters were no accident. They may not seem like they have significance to the story but in reality the author strategically used them in The Great Gatsby for adding to the plot, creating new and ongoing themes, and supporting the main characters. Myrtle Wilson’s presence in the novel builds all the way until the end of the story with the climax. Myrtle’s impact on the novel has the most effect on the story out of the other minor characters. It all starts with Myrtles lies and her affair. She is a very dishonest, earthy, vital, and a voluptuous woman. Myrtle adds to the theme of class and wealth as well. She insists that she got married below her social class because George told her things that were not true. Fitzgerald ridicules Myrtle for insisting she is in the upper class. Myrtle…show more content…
Jordan Baker shows the theme of change during “the roaring twenties”. During that time, a woman's image was changing dramatically and Jordan Bakers character really showed this change occurring. The woman was being called flappers. Jordan is a Flapper. To begin her name both is both appropriate for a male and a female. She also wears her hair short and doesn’t act very feminine. She is a professional golfer and at that time, it was different for woman to have a profession like that. Jordan is also dishonest because she cheated in her first golf tournament. Her role as a minor character also adds a relationship between Nick

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