Is Wealthy People More Successful

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Only people who earn a lot of money are successful. Disagree, fortune, wealth Start: 4:00 Success is the evaluation of one’s value in the society conducted by both one itself and others. Rich people, always considered to be somebody, show their influence in some way by offering job opportunity, donating money to charity and financing science research. Other people, who may do not have that much money, also demonstrate their value by panting marvelous arts, volunteering in needed place, developing new medicine and so on. No one can deny that most rich people reach their success though hard working and blessed talent. And it is a fact that to some people, especially to merchants, earning more money means they are better than others, at least in doing business. Nevertheless, there are so many different kinds of career where the gifted person and hard-worker can achieve success other than building a fortune. Artists may not be well-paid for their works, but they present pure beauty to the world. Van Gogh barely afforded his panting material, but he still deemed as one of the best artist in the human history. Journalists provide truth to the world even they always stay in those poor and dangerous places. Pulizer Prize winners were rewarded on their fearlessness of revealing evil but not on their fortune. Moreover, well-known Nobel peace Prize only nominates people devoting themselves in maintaining peace. Therefore, everyone can be successful, regardless of their wealth, if they can generate mental treasure to our society. Because success is an evaluation, from different aspects, one still is successful even he did not success in obvious way. Is someone a loser if he cannot produce neither tremendous fortune nor fabulous artwork nor wining a Nobel Prize? Of course not, students Teachers should not show their political or social views known in the
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