Is Medical Marijuana Right Or Wrong Research Paper

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Running head: MEDICAL MARIJUANA: RIGHT OR WRONG? Medical Marijuana: Right or Wrong? Rene Linan University of Phoenix Comm215 Michelle Silva September 28 2009 Medical Marijuana: Right or Wrong? There are many myths and fallacies in the world today. Things that harm your health, and others that may help heal, the world is a very impressionable place. People have their ideas on what is right and what is not; maybe what is legal, and what still remains unseen. There are the basic standards of what is acceptable, or what is completely out of the question. Cannabis Sativa has not always been such a forbidden drug. Marijuana is a product of the hemp plant, referred to cannabis sativa, which refers to…show more content…
Marijuana has many useful affects, and is prescribed for many different reasons is serious illnesses, like AIDS/HIV, cancer, glaucoma, depression, headaches, insomnia, and anorexia, that is to just name a few. Patients who suffer from these illnesses have a hard time coping with life, and maybe some aspects of it; while others it may just be a coping mechanism to help with everyday life. Whatever the reason may be, it is a tool that helps 150,000 + medical marijuana patients in California cope every day (NORML, 2008). There also can be some immediate negative effects of marijuana if you are not an avid smoker like hallucinations, delusions, impaired memory, and disorientation (About.Com, 2009). Also another one is anxiety, and an overwhelming sense of losing control. These adverse effects can also be avoided if you do not need the plant, to help you daily life become more productive. Never is it really known that longer term effects of the cannabis sativa plant, but maybe this could be the plant that is used to find a cure for cancer. Though medical proof does show that cannabis can actually shrink, if not significantly minimize tumor growth. The active ingredient in marijuana cuts tumor growth in common lung cancer severely in half, and significantly reduces the risk of the cancer spreading, say researchers at Harvard University (ScienceDaily, 2007).…show more content…
Whether you are looking at the affects of cannabis on the economy, the age of the users, the acts of decriminalizing, or mainly just the effects reefer has on your body. There are positive and negative sides of the argument, it is all up to you, on which side you choose. References Greater dallas council on alcohol & drug abuse (2002-2006). Marijuana. Retrieved April 5, 2009, from Care2 Make a Difference (2005). Topic: Hemp Info. Retrieved April 5, 2009, from TIME (2009). Can Marijuana Help Rescue California's Economy. Retrieved April 5, 2009, from,8599,1884956,00.html Medical Use of Marijuana. Initiative Statute. (2008). Prop 215. Retrieved April 5, 2009, from Wordnet Search 3.0 (2008). WordNet Search. Retrieved April 5, 2009, from

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