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Introduction and Background Cannabis and Cannabinoids have been in use by a variety of cultures as a medicinal herb for centuries. Native American and African tribes used it in smoke and compress application to treat a variety of illnesses and yet today the drug has not been given the opportunity to prove its overall value as a medical tool (Trossman, 2010). The agencies responsible for ensuring research conducted within established guidelines have repeatedly opposed the research and proper testing (Cohen, 2010). What most of the agencies do not have is a legitimate reason to put a halt on the advancement in understanding and evaluating the value of cannabis as a medicinal herb. The council on scientific affairs for the…show more content…
The legalization for pharmacological use would require the generation of jobs in the handling and growing of stable fields of a standardized potency, regulation groups, and production facilities. As with any drug on the market, tax revenues would also increase as the number of users who currently use the drug illegally would instead begin buying their medication from an authorized vendor. This would go in small part to helping relieve some of the burden of debt that the government faces allowing them to put that money towards programs in need such as education or healthcare (Seamon et al.,…show more content…
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