Is Being a Vegetarian a Better Life Choice Than Being an Omnivore?

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Is Being a Vegetarian a Better Life Choice Than Being an Omnivore? Any one can argue that being vegetarian is a better life choice or being an omnivore is a better life choice. Vegetarians are defined as people who consume strictly vegetables, fruits, and nuts. Like vegetarians, omnivores are people who consume vegetables, fruits, and nuts, however they also consume meat. To be omnivorous is a better life choice than being vegetarian because it is, more accessible, is healthier, and the human body is designed for an omnivorous diet. As an omnivore, not only do you have a wider range of foods to choose from, but also the accessibility of food is limitless; it is easy to find places that sell or cook food. For example, Toronto Life, James Chatto wrote Top Ten Restaurants, states that Toronto has many different types of cuisine from anywhere between South American to Asia. Depending on habitat, omnivores can find food anywhere while vegetarians, on the other hand, it is more difficult to find vegetation. For example, according to the article The Arctic is an Ecosystem, Billy Heal, the only food resources in the Arctic are sea mammals and land animals such as fish, arctic foxes, seal and beluga whales. Only certain countries have the right climate to produce vegetation. As a country with limited vegetation, you have to find alternatives to obtain products. Therefore, countries have to import the required products from other countries that have them. It costs money to ship vegetable and fruits, which increases product pricing. When importing products, you risk obtaining food-borne illnesses. For example, according to Livestrong, article Advantages and Disadvantages of Imported Food, Rebecca Bragg, stated in January 2011, President Barack Obama signed into law of $1.4 billion in Food Safety Modernization Act, seeking to reduce outbreaks of food-borne illness by

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