The Life Choice, Vegan Or Vegetarian

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Many individuals and even families have made a life choice of becoming either vegetarian or becoming vegan in an attempt to save animals or just better their lives. Vegetarians just simply do not eat any kind of meat. Vegans, on the other hand, eliminate any kind of non-human animal product from their life, not just including foods. Choosing to become either a vegetarian or a vegan could be a wonderful decision for an individual to better their lifestyle, health, and impact upon the world; however, in a closer study of the two, becoming a vegan could hurt a person in more ways than it could help. People generally believe that vegans are the healthiest people in the world; however, this is actually, in many cases, not true. Vegans have an extremely difficult time getting many of the essential nutrients their bodies need due to their very strict diet. Without very carefully planning out their meals they can miss out on very important nutrients such as calcium, iron, protein, vitamin B12, and omega 3 fatty acids. Lacking in these nutrients will cause weak bones, suffering strength, unstable blood pressure, and low energy levels just to name a few. This is why vegans usually tend to look very slim and frail. Numerous studies have shown that poor meal planning is a big cause of nutritional deficiencies in vegans (Medicine Net). It is an everyday struggle for a vegan to plan their meals so that they can at least get a sufficient amount of these important nutrients. On the other hand, vegetarians do not have to worry about this problem almost at all. A big reason of this is because a vegetarian can consume dairy products. Dairy products contain a very good amount of calcium, iron, and protein. This makes life a lot easier and less of a hassle for a vegetarian. Vegetarians simply do not have to worry or stress near as much over getting the proper nutrients. This is one

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