Pete Singer Research Paper

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Veggies Pete Singer, a well known advocate for vegetarianism, states that “A diet heavy in animal products, catered by intensive animal production, is a disaster for the animals, the environment, and the health of those who eat it.” This might make a person believe that the vegetarian diet is the best way to go. The problem is that most people won’t go to a nutritionist to find out what exactly they need to eat, and how much, to make sure that they are getting enough complete protein from a variety of foods. For example in Laura Fraser’s article she jokingly said that in early 80’s most of the vegetarian cook books called for three cups of cheddar cheese in every recipe except for granola. Well my husband’s cardiologist has a joke about cheese and that is the commercial that calls it “the power of cheese” should be required to say it is really the power of death. So we know that…show more content…
The industry likes to point out how Asians consume mostly soy/tofu and because of that they are healthier then Americans. Asian men eat on average two teaspoons of soy a day that is a lot less then a big glass of soymilk. At the annual Breast Cancer Awareness Kick-off breakfast I was surprised with more proof. I wasn’t expecting to get material for my writing assignment while I was there. One of the speakers was a doctor from Swedish Hospital’s Cancer Center. He was going through all the breakthroughs that had been accomplished in the last few years. When he came to the slide about an estrogen substitute made from soy that they had been experimenting with my ears perked up. Did it really work, was I going to be able to use this information? He was sad to say that they had decided it wasn’t going to be an option. His quote was “we discovered that too much of a good thing is actually a bad thing”. I felt a little guilty for being happy about the outcome of that
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