Interwest Healthcare Corp

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Managerial Economics– MBA-540-MB01 February 2, 2015 Interwest Healthcare Corp. This paper will use the case of Interwest Healthcare Corp. as an attempt to analyze how management decisions have an impact on employee’s behavior. Conversely, once employee’s behavior is understood individual attitudes can be explained and addressed to correct or to motivate employees. This paper will address the problems presented in this case study as well as its potential sources. Furthermore, this student will present recommendations to address the problems that exist on the case of Interwest Healthcare Corp as well as provide a commentary regarding how personal views on the problem could drive the proposed suggestions regarding the case of Interwest Healthcare Corp. Interwest Healthcare Corp. is a nonprofit organization in the healthcare sector that operates 10 hospitals in three different states (Brickley, Smith, & Zimmerman, 2009). The case study explains how the CEO and CFO of the organizations are concerned about quality of the data that is being input into their system, which is used to control the organization. The data input includes patient information, management reports, cost of treatments, financial planning, as well as reports that are use to guarantee and audit funding of grants from the federal government (Brickley, Smith, & Zimmerman, 2009). After a hostile teambuilding retreat that was use to explain the importance of accurate data entry into the organization’s system, management and staff are pointing fingers regarding the issues that is affecting the organization. On one hand, the organization staff is blaming management of not paying attention to patient services, and on the other hand, management is accusing the staff of not exercising accuracy in their data input and not understanding the implications of these mistakes for the entire
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