Ratay Healthcare Code Of Conduct Analysis

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Task 2 Ratay Healthcare is a newly founded business made up of 15-20 employees that help provide management consulting services for non-profit organizations. Our company will be focused a great deal on trust. Because our company deals with medical and personal information our employees will be held responsible for patient confidentiality. Standards: * Every employee will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement and be trained on HIPAA guidelines each year. * Trust will be a strong value that will be unacceptable if not used. A well rounded company is embodied by well built standards and procedures. With a strong base of standards our company discourages undesirable conduct. Placing a code of conduct into our company allows a business to improve their ethical standards by screening for unethical employees. A code of conduct is a one of the major key factors in keeping a business in good ethical standing. Ever company should have a code laid out for all employees to view and understand. Code of Conduct: I. The success of our company is built on trust and credibility that we obtain by following through with commitments, and showing integrity and honesty. II. E very employee is responsible to market to the public fairly.…show more content…
All company employee phones will be monitored by an auditing group that will be listening to employee phone calls and making sure that the employee is following the confidentiality of the patient. Each employee will be audited once every two weeks and then sent an email making them aware of their audit and the time it was monitored. The call that is monitored by the audit group will look at credibility, commitment to the customer and HIPAA compliance. Each employee will be graded on their audit and given a score enclosed in their email that will explain and suggest better approaches to improve their

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