Interpersonal Relationships-Friendships Essay

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Interpersonal Relationships-Friendships Emily Norman Southern New Hampshire University There are many types of interpersonal relationships, but the type I chose to write about is friendship specifically a platonic friendship. A platonic relationship is a relationship of emotional connection without sexual intimacy. Our first friends are our family, whether it is our siblings or cousins or even our parents. Think of the poem “Leaves, Branches, and Roots” Inspired by Tyler Perry”, by D-Willy There are many levels of friends. Men have strong bonds with other men. The heroic friendship was a friendship between two men that was intense on an emotional and intellectual level. In ancient times, men viewed man friendships as the most fulfilling relationship a person could have. Friendships were seen as nobler than marital love. Friendships among military males appear to be an exception as in war zones situations creates very strong bonds between men. Male friendships were influenced by market economics, instead of being a potential friend, the guy next to you was your competition. The main activity involved in male-female friendships is communication. Women like to get a man's perspective on topics. Friendships are based on truthfulness and trust. Friendship is also beneficial in that a friend of the opposite sex will share interests that friends of the same sex may not. It might be easier for a man to share his feelings with a female friend rather than a male friend. I personally have more male friends than I have female friends. Women can be physically close to each other and be very comfortable, sleeping in the same beds, or hugging and kissing on the cheeks. The closest males will get, would be patting each other on the butt when there is a good play on the field. Women rely on the friendship of other women for support, fondness and affection. Women's

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