Commentary On The Article 'Masking Poor Communication'

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Masking Poor Communication Interpersonal Communication Masking Poor Communication After reading the article “Close Relationship Sometime Mask Poor Communication” (Proquest, article, Ashford University Library), I am not surprised at the findings. It is very easy to fall into a situation with a spouse or friend who can cause you to take that person for granted. We always assume that we know what the other person want because of the things that we have experienced with them. Spouses think that there is an automatic understanding and communication between them but, the truth is, they communication just as good with a stranger. "Although speakers expected their spouse to understand them better than strangers, accuracy rates for spouses and strangers were statistically identical. This result is striking because speakers were more confident that they were understood by their spouse," as said in a study by, author Kenneth Savtsky. Couples sometimes may think that they understand each other but, it is so easy to be misunderstood, even in a close relationship. I totally agree with the article in that, married people tend to get preoccupied,…show more content…
I thought to myself, “who would do this”? So I called my mother and she had no clue, so I called my brother and asked him if he knew anything about it. At first he did not respond, but later texted me to say, “Yes, I did claim her and mom”, I asked why would he do this because that was not in our discussion. His answer was, my sister was never menched in all of this and that my mother told him if it was fine with her, only if I agreed. Well he took this as a sign that he could claim them both, so he did. The problem is, he knew that I was going to claim my sister, but he choose to do what he wanted too. In all of this I have lost a lot of money, other opportunities for financial aid for school and a good relationship with my

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