Interpersonal Conflict "Crash"

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There are many different forms of Interpersonal Conflict, and as many different causes. Often times this type of conflict comes from the perception of one or both individuals involved that may be completely inaccurate. The Perception could be from formed from, a person’s tone of voice, their speaking style; even their accent can create a negative perception. Often times a stereotype based on culture, and the expectation of how someone is going to respond before communication even begins can ignite a conflict for the very first word. A great example of these type of miscommunications based on a cultural misunderstandings and stereotypes was portrayed in a movie I watched recently called “Crash” (Haggis, P. (Director). (2004). Crash [Film]. Los Angeles: Bob Yari Productions), Though the film portrayed several examples of Interpersonal conflict, the most glaring example was depicted in a scene where a small business owner named Farhad hires Locksmith named Daniel to repair a broken lock in his store. Farhad speaks broken English and obviously has a strong mistrust of people in general. Daniel is of Hispanic decent and his appearance resembles the stereotype of a Los Angeles gang member. When in actuality this could not be farther from the truth. When Daniel fixes the lock as requested he realizes that it’s not the lock but the door that needs replacing. Daniel approaches Farhad, the store owner, and explains that he fixed the lock but the door needs to be replaced. Farhad assumes that Daniel did not do his job correctly and tells Daniel to fix the lock. Danial, realizing that Farhad did not understood him attempts to re-explain to Farhad that he replaced the lock and that the problem is not the lock and the Farhad needs to fix his door. Farhad then assumes Daniel has a friend that replaces doors and is looking to setup a deal to take advantage of
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