Interpersonal Communication Essay

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STUDENT DETAILS ________________________________________ ACAP Student ID: 194574 Name: Martine Fraser Course: Bachelor of Applied Social Science (Bassix) ASSESSMENT DETAILS ________________________________________ Unit/Module: Interpersonal Communication Educator: Samadhi Driscoll Assessment Name: Communication is not an easy process. It involves verbal and non-verbal attempts to assist the other person understand what we are trying to communicate. Yet it often fails. Assessment Number: 1 Term & Year: Term 3, 2011 Word Count: 2020 DECLARATION I declare that this assessment is my own work, based on my own personal research/study. I also declare that this assessment, nor parts of it, has not been previously submitted for any other unit/module or course, and that I have not copied in part or whole or otherwise plagiarised the work of another student and/or persons. I have read the ACAP Student Plagiarism and Academic Misconduct Policy and understand its implications. I also declare, if this is a practical skills assessment, that a Client/Interviewee Consent Form has been read and signed by both parties, and where applicable parental consent has been obtained. Communication and communication styles, verbal, non-verbal and written, are complex processes and has been described as being “circular and continuous, without end or beginning” De Vito (2007). We do both, at the same time, speaking and listening, questioning and responding in an interaction between us and others. It includes, interpersonal communication (sharing thoughts and ideas, our feelings and emotions, understanding others and being understood), self-awareness (knowing oneself), emotional intelligence (knowledge of self and others) and empathy (being aware of other people’s feelings, needs and issues). It is also, learning about each other, building rapport, breaking down
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