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Internet Good or Bad Essay

  • Submitted by: felixliang
  • on February 28, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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Zimo Liang
WR 121
Abby Grewatz

17th Jan 2013

Internet and Life
This time is the internet generation, people can’t live without internet. Everybody knows that the internet have advantages and disadvantages, so, know how to use internet are good or bad? In my own opinion, I think the advantages of internet are more than disadvantages because the internet is useful, reality and necessity.
I have three main points to prove my enthymeme, the first one is necessity. The knowledge economy is very important in this time, the information was expanded at full speed, internet is the most useful tool with no doubt, so if people want to follow the time’s step, they have to learn internet as early as they can. Internet now is also a social required, using internet to study, work and communicate is a common thing, a people who don’t know how to use internet will feel hard to get along with other people. Even our daily life have to use internet, we use internet to watch news and sports game, share information and entertained. So, know how to use internet are very necessary in this time. The necessity is reflected in study, work and daily life, almost contained all our life.
The second point is applicability. Why everybody learn to use internet? Of course because it’s useful, and comfortable, so everyone use it. The internet can use in four parts in daily life, first one is study: now in almost every high school and college, student can find all the study information on the internet, they can also discuss online with other students or ask question to their teacher by chat online or send email to them. There are also have online course now, that means people can study at home but not go to school and sit in the classroom. The second part is work, as I said, today the knowledge economy is very important, that means internet can let business more efficiently and professional. The online file transport saved lots of time, and let the file safer than before, it also...

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