Instilling Hope in Terminal Ill Patients

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Nursing Consideration for Providing Supporting Care for the Terminally Ill Patient

Nursing Consideration for Providing Supporting Care for the Terminally Ill Patient
In 1716, Christopher Bullock wrote “‘tis impossible to be sure of anything but Death and Taxes.” Death being one of these inevitabilities hopefully leaves you more empathetic in life and in offering supportive care. There are many different ways of providing care for a terminally ill patient. None more important that offering patient supportive based care. Family members may find it challenging, both physically and emotionally, caring for a terminally ill loved one, but need to be aware of their own feelings and make decisions based on the what is best for the suffering person. A caregiver, while providing supporting care can instill a sense of strength.
Nursing requires special consideration. The patient must be treated as a whole not just physically and not just medical. To better adhere to this practice, nurses use what is called as the nursing process. An actual nursing process is a practice of an outcome-oriented execution to find the best possible care for a person. When a patient is considered terminal or terminally ill it is important to assess the clients understanding of the current situation, personal preferences and requests. The following case study can give a better understanding of the nursing process in action.
A 75-year-old terminally ill patient has begun hospice care. He has been fighting some form of dementia for several years and advanced dementia for at the last four, at which point he was admitted to his current Nursing Home. On arrival in 2009, the patients’ health was satisfactory, yet his mental capacity was declining, which has been suggested by his wife. Very impulsive and aggressive, the patients’ wife states “I was having a hard time keeping his behavior

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