Service Management - Southern Provincial Hospice

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SERVICE MANAGEMENT SOUTHERN PROVINCIAL HOSPICE PAPER ASSIGNMENT EMBA UPH - PKU CLASS – BATCH 3 Dr. Vinny Caraballo MIKHAEL SP BUTAR BUTAR Organization: The Southern Provincial Hospice Organizing Idea: To deliver palliative care to patients and provide a great staff. Service Concept: Hospices provides an end-of-life care for terminally ill patients and their objectives is to enable patients to ‘die with dignity’. Patients either suffering from cancer, AIDS or any other diseases will be cared for by qualified staff. Care is provided by a multi-disciplinary specialist team consisting of doctors, nurses, social workers, therapists, pharmacy and dieticians. Service Provided: * * Treatment Qualified Staff * Home Care * Social Work Team * 12-Bed Inpatient Unit * Hospital Specialist Palliative Care Team * Safe Environment Support Team * Meals * Bereavement * Counseling Patient Helpline * Respect Service Received: * * Negative Emotions (stress, anxious, confusion) * Attention Given * Patient’s feeling grateful after being taken care and look aftered. * Word-of-mouth advertising * Patients Recovering 1. Develop an experience statement for the hospice. a. From a patients perspective : Since this hospice provides care for those that are in their last days of living from terminally ill diseases. Their objective is to enable their patients to “die with dignity”. While at the Hospice patients are going to through many emotions like stress and anxiety. The patients are told what is happening at every stage of their care. The hospice provides patients with the treatment and care they specifically need. Patients are expecting to be taken care of by well experienced and well-mannered nurses and doctors. Things could be better as one patient states “They really
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