Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory Manual Spring Term Essay

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İzmir Institute of Technology Faculty of Science Department of Chemistry CHEM 304 INORGANIC CHEMISTRY LABORATORY MANUAL Spring Term 2007 Introduction This manual has been prepared for CHEM 304 Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory and includes the experiments, which are related to the topics covered in CHEM 302 Inorganic Chemistry II course. The main purpose of this laboratory is to provide the students an appreciation for the synthesis and characterizations of inorganic complexes. It is also aimed to provide the students a degree of competence in the laboratory skills required for accurate and precise chemical analysis. Therefore it is expected that the students will demonstrate proficiency in the theory underlying analytical techniques and to apply this theory to obtain reliable analytical results on the synthesis of inorganic complexes. Course Policies and Information In this laboratory, you will be working as a team with two or three person in each group. During the first lab period your instructor will assign you to a group. You will then introduce yourself to group members and get to know other members of your group. Then your instructor will read you important safety rules. In this meeting of the laboratory, you will also be given your first lab experiment and the rest of this lab period you will work on a plan of action for the first experiment. Each student in the group must have a lab Notebook and bring it to the lab every week. You should keep a good notebook with all the calculations and the results because your instructor will grade your Lab notebooks at the end of the each experiment. Finally, each member of your group has to write a 5 or 6 page lab report after completing the experiment. This is going to be a individual report therefore, even if your results are the same. The reports you write must be your own work. If your instructor finds out that

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