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Case Summary Innovative Patios is a private corporation that installs patio stone made from recycled material. The company started as a small landscaping business, hiring contract workers and paying in cash for many years. Five years ago, the company incorporated and currently, two employees are responsible for doing all the administrative and human resources work using Quicken to track all accounts including payroll. Relying on manual processes to manage payroll requirements caused inefficiencies and inaccuracies resulting in non-compliance with legislations and government agencies beginning to scrutinize their operations. This haphazard operation was causing everyone stress and, with the anticipated growth of the company that requires employing more people, payroll expertise was needed to ensure compliance. CASE SUMMARY GUIDELINES: Who are the stakeholders? INTERNAL 1. Employees – want accurate pay with proper deductions; 2 key employees in payroll are in over their heads and need help 2. Company’s President /Owner – similar to employees but also interested in what the reporting capabilities can tell them about the company in relation to reward, performance and budget management 3. Payroll Manager – wants to be successful in her new job 4. The Owners (parents who started the business) & shareholders – want to see that their investments are safe and getting the return that they expect EXTERNAL 1. Customers and Suppliers - although there is no direct effect on the end-users of the organization’s products or services, any impact on the performance of the above groups can ultimately be felt by the customer and will therefore affect profitability and organizational performance 2. Government agencies ( CRA, HRSDC, WCB); the various legislations demand mandatory reporting on payroll matters 3. Banks – would require accurate records and reporting

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