Unit 16 P3 Business Level 3 Essay

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Unit 16 p3 Motivation –Motivation is the driving force which keeps people going and business always thrives to motivate their employees to their best of ability. Taylor- This motivation theory is that depending on the work you produce is how much money you should earn a day so if you exceed the employer’s expectations then you deserve more pay. As this is an old fashioned method Tesco don’t really use this method. A disadvantage of this method is that Tesco can’t keep a track on all of their employees, so you can’t keep a track on what they have done thorough out the day Mayo- This theory involved the business to involve its employees within the business and to communicate with their employees. He thought that people should be treated as individuals and that they should be not be given repetitive work. Tesco use this method by having employees meetings to discuss issues they might have, also they would have Christmas parties which is another way they can get their employees motivated. Herzberg- This theory is that there are different factors in the business which motivate and others which demotivate the employee .Herzberg theory says that things such as, challenging work, recognition, achievement or personal growth and responsibility in the business can all motivate the employee as they believe that they can do better. However things such as job security, salary and working conditions can have major factor of their employee’s motivation because if the employee is not happy then they won’t be willing to do the work to the best of their ability. Tesco use this method by giving discounts to their employees also Tesco would always look to recruit internally so promotion is always available with Tesco. McGregor- This theory has two parts x theory is when the management have tight control over its employees and like to keep thee business formal. This can

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