Innocent Drinks Profile and History Essay

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innocent smoothies: Europe’s favourite smoothie brand considers expanding into the Russian soft drinks market. Richard, Jon and Adam, the three co- founders of innocent were sitting in the board room at innocent’s headquarters Fruit Towers discussing the international expansion they could achieve thanks to the injection of cash from and global experience of the Coca Cola Company . With the goal of becoming the biggest small drinks company in the world, they are currently operating in 15 European countries and they have set their sights on launching in a BRIC market. They have decided to commission a firm of consultants to consider the viability of Russia as a market in which to launch their smoothies. The beginnings Richard Reed, Jon Wright and Adam Balon met at Cambridge university and in 1998, four years after leaving university they agreed that they wanted to make it easy for people to do themselves some good and they came up with a product that was intended to make their busy and often unhealthy lives in central London a bit easier. All three were keen consumers of smoothies and knew that two smoothie manufacturers were growing strongly in the US. As a result they felt that smoothies were the answer: delicious natural fruit crushed up and put into bottles that could be grabbed on the way to work. The firm was set up in 1999 having spent £500 on fruit, turned it into smoothies and sold them at a small London music festival. At this time, the fruit juice market in the UK was huge whereas the smoothie market was in its infancy. The biggest UK smoothie company was then PJs with a turnover of just under £3million in three years. innocent felt PJs smoothies failed to taste as good as homemade smoothies because they used concentrates rather than fresh fruit. However, despite this, PJs were doing well with a high priced product and growing

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