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1. In the period of 1972 to 1993, why do you think Snapple flourished when so many small startup premium fruit drinks stayed small or failed? Explore each of the Four P’s (as you decide where to give credit) Snapple was a small company whose origins were based on authenticity and trust in consumers’ eyes. The marketing story used was “100% natural”. From 1972-1993 Snapple flourished while many startup premium fruit drinks struggled and, in many cases, failed. Most of Snapple's successful competitors during this time were sold to larger distribution companies allowing Snapple to create a Brand image and distribution alliance for the "smaller guy." Product: Snapple became successful by launching innovative products, based on fruit juices and teas, into the beverage market. Snapple product line was vast and spanned many different flavors, many of which were unpopular. But the premium pricing on the successful products covered the loss on the failures. The product in itself was marketed with the accompanying mantra of “100% Natural” and proved to be quite popular among a very difficult to define market segment. Snapple was neither defined as a “lifestyle” brand or a “fashion” brand, it was somewhere in the middle, generally grouped in the “alternative” beverage category. Price: The Snapple was sold at $24 for a pack of 24 bottle case on the street which is a very aggressive price for the product category. Premium price could be one of the reasons for propagating the premium nature of the brand to the customers. Promotion: The first thing new management did was to increase Snapple’s advertising budget. This allowed for many improvements in the marketing of the company and the promotion of the brand of Snapple. They hired focus groups to help them improve the design of the label. The Company had an image of fun and excitement that was supported through the marketing

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