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I. Introduction A. Have you ever gone to the grocery store and wandered over to the produce department and picked up an eggplant and thought, “wow, those are expensive?” Then turned around and noticed a cascading pyramid of juicy ripened tomatoes and wondered why you didn’t plant them yourself to save yourself the trip to the grocery store and some money? B. My purpose today is to inform you about gardening and that with a little bit of thoughtful planning, it really isn’t as complex and most people think. C. Tonight I will cover the following: 1. How to plan a garden? 2. What tools you will need? 3. What are the benefits of gardening? D. My sources are:, “How to Plan a Garden Right,” by David Kurshel;, “Vegetable Garden, Tracy, CA,” by The National Garden Association;, “How to Plan Your Garden,” by Stephanie;, “Beginner Gardening: Basic Garden Tools;”, “5 Benefits of Gardening,” by Judi Gerber E. Most people enjoy fresh foods, so how can you not benefit from planting your own garden? I’m aware that not everyone enjoys eating vegetables, but most people can appreciate flavor. If you do not have access or the capabilities to plant a vegetable garden, you can still plant herbs in small pots on your window sills. Or maybe you’re allergic to pets and would prefer a house plant that you can feed, water, name and talk to every now and then. II. Body A. How to plan a garden? 1. Type of garden a. Flowers b. Herbs c. Vegetables 2. Climate a. Rainfall per month b. Average temperatures 3. Decide on what you want to grow a. Make a list i. In order of priority ii. On which matter the most iii. Cost iv. Tastes best fresh 4. Compare a. Works in

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