Information Literacy Diagnostics: La Trobe Business School

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28/02/13 AGENDA
 ! 1. Activities 1 & 2! 2. Business Foundations! 3. Learning Management System (LMS)! 4. Activity 3! 5. Introduction to the Teaching Team! 6. Activities 4 & 5! 7. Library Resources & Information Literacy Diagnostic! 8. Writing Diagnostic! 9. Summary ! ENQUIRY BASED LEARNING! § To come to class each week on time! § To fully participate ! § To be responsible to the team! § Keep in weekly contact with the team! School! La Trobe Business School Introduc4on 1 28/02/13 OUR EXPECTATIONS OF YOU! § To be professional in your behaviour with everyone! § Not to discriminate! § Not to distract others in the class by using their phones, laptops, tablets for non-study…show more content…
The Information Literacy Diagnostic is a self check online quiz designed to increase your awareness of the essential information skills needed for starting research at university.! In order to succeed in your studies you need skills to search for, evaluate, and use relevant and appropriate references in your assignments. The Information Literacy Diagnostic enables you to assess your level of understanding of these key academic skills and take advantage of the opportunities provided to build your skills to the required level, so you are better prepared for university study.! School! La Trobe Business School Week 1 | Information Literacy Diagnostic and Learning Resources 16! WHERE DO I FIND IT AND HOW DO I USE IT?! Login to the LMS - and find the link to Information Literacy Diagnostic in BUS1BUF.! Available from: Monday, March 4 at 9.00am! • When to complete: Thursday, March 28 at 5.00pm! • Attempts allowed: Unlimited! • Number of questions: 10 multiple choice question with feedback for every question! • Compulsory hurdle task ! • Complete task with a score of 80% or more to successfully pass the

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